A beautiful last at Doe Bay. #nwisbest #pnwlove (at Doe Bay Resort)
Yesterday’s ferry ride to Orcas. Really wanted to jump that gate and sit on the end with my feet hanging over the edge. #pnwlove #nwisbest #latergram (at Orcas Island bound ferry)
Down on the boardwalk. #seattle #nwisbest #pnwlove #nofilter

This week I learned that I have very little style when I skateboard.
Style or not, this road is epic.
#burkardmodelacademy  📷@chrisburkard (at Board Games)

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A brief moment of solitude in #LA.

Every time I stop in LA, I make sure to swing by and see the homie @andrew_the_kid. He gave me my first tattoo when I was fifteen or sixteen and has been tattooing me ever since, with the exception of some @akira_latanzio originals. Thanks for always holding it down, look out for his work up online, when I finally finish up his site. See you soon brother! | photo: @jessupdeane